My Heart is A stereo: A memoir on the role music plays in Affection.

Clara Jack
4 min readJun 24, 2022


“Make you feel my love” by Adele. That’s one of the softest songs I know. It is a number of ways Adele explains she can convey the words “I love you” to her partner. Adele is a phenomenal act so it no wonder her songs are a bomb but this one is just downright lovely. Although it was previously done by Bob Dylan and my favourite version is actually by Ane Braun.

Music is one of the foremost and truest ways to express emotions. If I’m feeling some kind of way all I need to do is type a few words into the search engine and a song comes up to encapsulate my emotions. That’s if the search engine in my head doesn’t beat me to it. I never write anything without music. It’s a habit I’ve had for the longest time. It just makes me feel a certain way. I love music. And I’m sure you hear that a lot but for me, without music, I for don die. ABBA’s “Thank you for the music” narrates my ordeal on that issue. The words, the fact that nothing can capture the heart like a melody can. Whoever discovered that, well I’m a fan.

I have a thing with songs. Everytime I hear a song and I can remember the exact time and place I heard it for the very first time. Music is a time stamp for me. Like pictures. Everytime I hear Pink’s “What About Us”, I remember surviving my mums surgery. Even the bad times are important because it shows you progress. Everytime I hear Sia’s “Bang my Head” I remember being fresh out of high school feeling like I could do anything in the world. There’s always a memory tied to music.

The roles of music in affection,encapsulates memory, aids expression, stirs up emotions.

Music sometimes reminds me of people. And sometimes it’s people I would rather forget. Just recently I listened to “To die for” by my darling Sam Smith and it reminded me of an ex. That’s one downside to it. Some people taint music. Jovi said they give love a bad name. I agree. Love and music are the most wonderful things. To a romantic, they are part and parcel of life. So I can understand how hurtful it is when people taint music. In the little mermaid 3(a lot of people may have not seen this one), it was shown why the mermaids didn’t have a mom. She died by a ship of humans when she was trying to save a music box. Out of grief, the king banned music. It was too painful. The irony was however that his daughter Ariel adored music. He eventually lifted the ban because he got past the initial grief he tied to music and settled in the love his daughters had for it.

Flowing from all of this, it is only coherent that for me, feeling like I should maybe get back out there and start dating again, starts from the desire to fall in love with someone else’s favourite song. Watching people talk about their favourite songs just makes you know the kind of people they are. That is the fourth role. Music helps us tell stories about ourselves. My favourite song is Time After Time covered by Samuel Fredrick Smith. It’s a wonderful song. It’s a love song. Best part? I don’t tie it to anyone because it doesn’t remind me of anyone I’m trying to forget. It reminds me of me dancing in my room because I was happy. It’s a brilliant memory and it makes me feel ineffable.

Music aids falling in love. For me, music helps me explain to people how I want to be loved. “Accidentally in Love” by Casting Crows featured in the second Shrek Movie is my motto. I always want to settle down inside love. Love that gives my heart so much ease and rest. Fifth. My favourite poet (asides myself) remarked that one way you know you’re in love is when you find yourself singing all the words to someone’s favourite song but you don’t remember learning it and you don’t even know why. That’s love. Clinton Kane has a song titled “I guess I’m in love”. Love creeps on you and one day one person is the only thing in your mind’s view and you just say “fuck”. I’ve had my fair share of playlists being made for me and I have made a number for people. I always welcome it. Mixtapes, playlists, it’s a way of translating your soul in this rare way that none of the particles are lost. High Fidelity taught us that making a playlist is a rather delicate art so I treat it as such.

The tie of music to affection even cuts across family bonds. You know the kind of music your parents and siblings like. You should be able to hear a song and know which family member would love it. Sometimes we even inherit music tastes from our parents. I know I did. That’s number six. Bonds families. My family can get into a car and sing Lucky Dube from start to finish because it reminds us of mornings when my father would be whistling and lighting incense all over the house.

Final reason, affection for yourself. Music helps us know ourselves. Put your music on shuffle, you’ll see. Mines always a combination of different genres. I have a playlist I use to work out. It has one of every type of music I listen to and it bangs! Shows that I’m awesome.

To end this memoir I will recount why I chose that line from the Gym Class Hero song as my title. My heart is truly a stereo because there’s always love in it. Love that is translated into music so people can hear and better understand it. I believe that a lot of hearts beating right now are just like it.



Clara Jack