An unnecessarily long answer on the the concept of the self.

Clara Jack
2 min readOct 31, 2022


Who am I?

How do I or any of us answer that question accurately when in modern times and in the light of people finding their individuality the word can no longer be remote. Accurate has alas joined the bandwagon of concepts that are indeed relative.

So let’s try again. Who are you? I saw this captivating series “Sense 8” am where eight people attempted to answer this question.

They tried to tie their answer to bands of who they love or where they’ve been or where they were born or whom they worship or what they do.

I took from that scene the fact that it is somewhat unfair to try to define our entire existence to one facet when in fact our very existence is a collection of interactions with a plethora of circumstances and factors each enough in their capacity so which then trumps the other .

The question who are you is often followed by who you’re supposed to be or what life you’re trying to live or who you’re supposed to be with. Someone once said life was like a million orgasms you’re never going to reach but you keep trying anyways. Another said it was like chasing a butterfly except the whole essence is the chase and not a lot of people realize that in the moment it matters.

I will never answer the question accurately or the same every time I’m asked because in the very thread of my existence I am growing and tomorrow I will be a somewhat new person and the person who wrote this will cease to exist pertaining to aging. That won’t make me a liar that just means I’ve grown. And who I am will be described by the things present. In all I am here I am the present and the things to come